RossoFuoco - Forni a legna e barbecues
The reasons why choose Rossofuoco

WELL DONE benfatto
Ergonomic “cool-grip” handles to avoid risks of burns and to have an easy front clamping system.
Anti tilting grids; all the ovens (exept Minutino) come with 2 or 3 grids that can be placed on one of the 5 level with double rack.
Baking chamber without weldings; made out of stainless steel it is free from unhealty weldings; it’s beautiful and really undeformable by thermal shocks.
No weldings between baking and combustion chambers; this avoid abnormal deformations due to different dilatation of different materials caused by heat.
Stainless steel ingers fixed on the body parts and not simply on the front panel of the oven; so the lock is perfect also during high dilatation phases
Eco-friendly varnishes for the best possible respect of the enviroment.
Safe 12 volts electrical system a transformer converts the standard house current to a safe 12 volts one.
Low consumption and high performances with only 3/4 kg of wood.
HANDYpratico e funzionale
Temperature evenly diffused in the chamber because the flame is never in contact with the walls of the baking chamber; the heat comes from a radiaton panel.
Perfect baking optimal on all levels, even with the fan system turned off.
Squared baking chamber instead than vaulted. It has more cooking space, so you can use up to 3 grids at the same time.
Easy cleaning because the side walls of the baking chamber are made in self-cleaning steel and the grid’s struts are easy to remove , for a perfect cleaning.
EASY MAINTENANCEmanutenzione facile
Easy replacement of the components even if built into a wall! No need to pull out it from the structure for maintenance or extraordinary repairs. Any work can be done directly through the cooking chamber or the control panel.
It can be completely dismounted and easily reassembled right there on the spot for a complete inspection or for extraordinary repair.
Easily convertible; all models, exept “Garden”, “Red” and "Minutino", can be converted to outdoor/indoor version using few additional parts.
The ventilation system is a standard on all models (50 - 65 - 80 -100), exept "Minutino" and "Quattrostagioni".
Smoke and steam valves to optimize the combustion and to adjust the humidity in the baking chamber.
Two internal lighting bulbs for a better control of the baking process.
Many standard equipments; all the ovens come with grids, baking pans, poker, oven mitt & pan holder.....
AFTER SALESpost-vendita
Made in Italy with a 5 years warranty almost all Rossofuoco’s ovens with separated combustion system (exept Minutino) come with a 5 years warranty on combustion and baking chambers.
After sales service accurate and timely.