RossoFuoco - Forni a legna e barbecues

italian style and quality

on separated combustion ovens
A great series of wood burning ovens made of solid steel and high quality materials.

The "separated combustion system" used on our ovens avoid the direct contact of foods with ashes and smoke, moreover the exlusive heat circulating system makes really easy the use of the rossofuoco's ovens.

Those features together with design and thecnology have made great "Rossofuoco".

The Rossuofoco's ovens comes with a lot of standard features and accesories as ventilation system, steam and smoke valves, timer, thermometer, ahs tray, grid and pans.

For the use, 3/4kg of wood are enough to reach quicly the operating temperature and to mantain it for more than two hours after the end of the combustion process.