Everybody has an oven at home, so why would you buy a wood oven?

There are lots of reasons to do this choise, we list just a few::

  • To take “Pizzeria” at home: pizza, any kind of bread, but also meat, vegetables, pasta and dessert can be cooked with extraordinary results of fragrance and taste.
  • Very high temperatures ensure an excellent and healthy quality of cooking.
  • To cook outdoor.
  • For a better foods taste.

  • To have the chance to cook at the same time different foods and big quantity of them.
  • To support the energy saving.


More Details


More Details


More Details


Because ovens are not all the same

A Rossofuoco oven has lots of pluses, first of all the chance to choose among lots of combinations that ensure to the customer to buy a custom-made product:

Until 1500 combinations

wide range of products with different features until 1500 different combinations for outdoor and built-in products.

The Semplicity

The separated system of baking and combustion chambers avoid the contact among the foods and the smoke. You do not need familiarity to regulate the quantity of wood to obtain the right temperature which can be reach and keep adding wood in a second moment.

The intensity of the combustion shall be adjustable or with the smoke valve to change the “draught” or with the combustion chamber’s ventilation holes.

The steam valve adjusts the humidity in the baking chamber and the ventilation further improve the inner distribution of the heat.

Rossofuoco ovens can reach the temperature of use in 30/40 minutes with ¾ kg of small wood. It keeps the temperature constant for more than 2 hours after the end of combustion.

The electrical connection to the house current with the 12-volt converter allows to use the internal lighting of the oven and its ventilation in complete safety.

The Added Value

to obtain extraordinary baking quality the ROSSOFUOCO separated combustion ovens are built with an exclusive system of inner distribution of heat. Rossofuocco ovens deliver perfectly cooked food even while using all five levels at the same time. Our design prevents flames from ever coming into contact with the oven walls thereby avoiding uneven heat distribution. Heating in the ovens begins when the radiant panel that is placed between the combustion and the cooking chamber starts to be heated. The heated air then begins to pass through the slits in the lower wall of the combustion chamber. Lastly, the heat is spread out evenly, reaching every cooking chamber; this process allows for baking without the need for switching on the ventilation system.

Our stainless steel baking chamber is self cleaning and square, rather than vaulted, giving more cooking space for perfect simultaneous cooking on all five levels.

ROSSOFUOCO ovens are available in a wide range of models 100% Made in Italy with high-quality components and materials and five-years warranty on combustion and baking chambers in almost every models.

Standard Equipment and Accessories

ROSSOFUOCO separated combustion ovens have lots of accessories and equipment as ventilation fan, thermometer, timer, internal lighting, grills, pans, smoke and steam valves, pan holder tool, poker, oven mitt, pan holder, bread and pizza shovel. Depending on the models many of these accessories and equipment are standard and others are available as optionals.

Ogni forno è dotato di un apposito cassetto raccoglicenere che ne facilita la pulizia.

Every oven is equipped with a practical ash-drawer to simplify its cleaning, they can be equipped with carts, lateral work plans, lateral or frontal bbqs.

“Made in Italy” Quality

ROSSOFUOCO ovens are well-known for their reliability and variety of range made of products in order to satisfy multiple needs without crushing the hopes.

The sales network is extremely efficient with well-selected stores and professional resellers in order to ensure customer satisfaction at any moment.

There are lots of reasons that explain the full recognition of ROSSOFUOCO in Italy and all around the world. Every day Rossofuoco checks the quality of the materials production process, components reliability, always ready to take action also directly to the onset of any problems.

5 Years Warranty

Five-years warranty on combustion and baking chambers (excepts “Minutino” model). Only those who are sure of its own product can provide so much. This certainty comes from a production that follows the stricter standards in order to give enough security to the customers with the availability of spare parts for a long time.

To get this, ROSSOFUOCO makes use of skilled professionals for planning and design and expert technicians for the constructions of its wood ovens.

The Details

Handles “anti-burns”

ergonomic “cool-grip” handles to avoid burns and provides an easy front clamping system.

Anti-tilting grids

two or three grids depending on the models (except “Minutino” model) that can be placed on one of the five levels with double racks, so totally secure.

Baking chamber without weldings

Our baking chamber is made out of stainless steel and it is more strong, without the risk of being deformed by high levels of heat.

No Weldings between baking and combustion chambers

Avoid that the heat changes the chambers due to different dilatations of different materials.

Stainless steel fixtures

on all of the body parts resulting in a perfect lock each time including high dilatation phases.

Eco-friendly varnishes

to respect the environment.

A safer 12-volt electrical system

Thanks to the converter transformers as standard equipment.


High performances with only ¾ kg of wood.

La facilità della manutenzione

For a perfect and accurate cleaning of the self-cleaning stainless steel cooking chamber, so as to reach all the corners more easily, it is possible to disassemble the lateral supports of the grids by releasing them from their fixing points with extreme ease.

The cooking chamber without grids and supports.

ROSSOFUOCO ovens can be completely disassembled due to total inspection and replacement of components. The interventions all take place from the front (fundamental detail in the built-in models). For example, to replace the fan, simply open the cooking chamber, unhook the flange at the bottom, loosen the two fixing screws of the fan-motor block, unhook it, remove it and take care of it.

Il fondo della camera di cottura con la flangia da sganciare.

100% Made in Italy:

Use your fantasy to prepare a good meal with our ovens, sit down at the dinner table with your family and friends to enjoy all together what you have just made and stop yourself to observe serenity that iat the dinner table with you.

5 Years Warranty